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The Kern County Veterans Service Department is proud to announce a new initiative made possible by a grant from Chevron, USA; the Kern Patriot Partnership (KPP), a program dedicated to connecting Kern County Veterans with superior local employers.

Today’s Veterans are highly skilled, well educated, easily trained, and willing to work hard. They know the meaning of loyalty, dedication, integrity, discipline, unselfishness, and teamwork. They have worked in high-stress environments, developed a safety-conscious mentality, and honed their leadership skills through real-world experience. In a very practical sense, today’s Veterans are profitable for business.

The Kern Patriot Partnership exists to ensure that employers understand the value of Kern County Veterans and why it is a good business decision to recruit, hire, train, and retain them. No one deserves to be hired more than our nation’s Veterans and they can become a vital component for meeting your hiring goals.

All across California, Veterans of our armed services have returned home after serving courageously on the world’s battlefields. Kern County businesses can give these veterans the ultimate "thank you" by making a simple pledge to give Veterans a first look when your business is preparing to hire.

We look forward to working with you and thank you for your consideration in helping the Kern Patriot Partnership make a difference in the lives of Kern County Veterans.